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Integration of Public Data in a Web Portal in Mining

The GeoHack Challenge 2013 by Julien-Samuel Lacroix of Mapgears and coordinated by Simon Duchaine of MRB & associates.


Challenge Description

MRB & Associates is a company that operates in the mining industry, specifically in exploration data management. The company wants to offer its customers new ways of browsing their data without changing their existing web services. All via a simple and intuitive web interface.

Among the desired features:

  • Display a shapefile (ex. public claims) quickly in a web interface
  • Data analysis with a simple query tool
  • Publishing of those claims as KML or as a web service
  • Integrating open data (SIGEOM) and automatic updates coming from GESTIM


The challenge was divided into two parts: the creation of maps using geospatial data and the creation of a web mapping interface in which they’re loaded.

The Maps

Duchaine Simon led the production of maps using MapServer and ScribeUI software, which allowed fast and efficient data management to produce images of maps available for the web interface.

The Web Interface

Julien-Samuel Lacroix created the web interface using ExtJS 4 and mapping components using GeoExt 2 and OpenLayers 2.12. The MVC architecture natively supported in ExtJS has been used to properly manage the components of the application and also allowed it to be compressed into a single JavaScript file for optimal performance.

What is the Geohack


The GeoHack Challenge of Montreal 2013 is an hackathon derivative event held around Geomatics Conference 2013 that took place in October 2, 2013. Participants included developers in the field of geomatics and business people from different companies and organizations that acted as “Ordering Customers” for subjects suggested.

Each team was composed of one coordinator representing the “client” and up to three developers. Together, they had the challenge of producing a web mapping application in a single day. These had to be published under a free license for the benefit of the geographical heritage and open data of the Quebec community.

The challenges results page can be consulted to learn more about the various projects that have been realized ​​during the event.

About MRB & Associates

MRB & Associates provides a comprehensive array of geotechnical and mineral exploration services. Project management, exploration strategy, data analysis, resource evaluations and NI 43-101 technical reports are just a few of the services they offer. Beyond the technical aspects of the mining industry, their team produces professional promotional material for exhibitions and private financing campaigns.


To learn more about the technologies used in this application, visit their websites: ExtJS, GeoExt 2, OpenLayers, MapServer and ScribeUI.

The source code repository of the application produced during the challenge is available on GitHub.

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