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Staff Tracking

Monitor outdoor events staff using an interactive webmapping application


This webmapping application was built and used to monitor staff of outdoor events, such as concerts and shows, on an interactive map. It was designed to be used in a standard browser and tablets.

Zones and staff icons are displayed on the map and refreshed every 15 seconds, mimicking what it could look like when used during a real event.

The client-side application uses OpenLayers, GeoExt and ExtJS as JavaScript frameworks. The base maps was created using MapServer Basemaps and Imposm using OpenStreetMap data and is published using the OGC TMS protocol with a MapCache server. The features are obtained using the OGC WFS protocol, with MapServer and come from a PostGIS database.

The demo itself contains a “About this demo” button, which contains more information and technical details.

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